Amineen..Healing invisible wounds

The mass migration of Syrian refugees poses an even more urgent need for humanitarian aid and physiological and mental health relief — particularly among the crisis’ most innocent victims, Syria’s children. They may have survived six years of war, but many now carry enduring mental scars from the conflict.

Amineen is an initiative that aims to provide mental health and educational services for victims of war so that they can grow and strive after the trauma.

Our Services

Mental health & psychotherapy

We fund and establish mental health support programs and psychotherapy services for refugees in different countries.

We empower Syrian refugees financially and help them to reimagine their future, rediscover their talents, and regain their self efficacy by providing them training and entrepreneurial free services and by creating job opportunities for them.

We Provide E-learning courses in the field of psychology, psychotherapy, and mental health for the field workers and parents in wars.